We’re looking for designers who can craft beautiful designs while also having a deep understanding of how applications should work and feel. You’ll work closely with engineers to develop new interface paradigms and establish all aspects of the user experience on a project. You’ll be active is making and advising on core decisions throughout projects and must be willing to take creative risks, experiment with ideas and approaches, and do whatever it takes to create the best work possible.


  • You’ll design everything from style guides and GUIs to page templates.
  • Create and understand user flows, site maps and wireframes.
  • Participate in and actively contribute to research and insight formation.
  • Establishing approaches to scalable design systems across devices.
  • Implementing and co-creating responsive and native device designs.
  • You’ll work iteratively: developing ideas from sketches and graphics to prototypes.
  • Collaborate with engineers to craft designs that use modern standards and processes.
  • Love learning about emerging design trends, standards and technology.
  • Aptitude with Photoshop, Sketch, and an eagerness to learn new tools.


  • Ability to create great icons or illustrations.
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS & JS, especially their issues and quirks.
  • Experience with prototyping tools like Framer, Flinto, or Principle.
  • Have a passion for design thinking.
Jenny and Laura working at the office
The pinball machine featuring a custom Playground logo display
Our lemon featuring a tiny green lemon-to-be
Our lemon featuring a tiny green lemon-to-be
Our lemon featuring a tiny green lemon-to-be
Our lemon featuring a tiny green lemon-to-be

Our company

Some of the perks we offer include:

  • the opportunity to make a real impact and build products that millions of people use every day
  • internal professional development and creative workshops (recently: clay & ceramics, terrarium-making, design thinking, anti-oppression)
  • access to resources for self‑education and career growth
  • a beautiful downtown office with the best view in the city
  • a culture that is continuously evolving

Our approach

Our goal at Playground is to create a space where we can be our best selves, where we can do our best work and where we can support each other in doing so. We want to nurture an empathetic, collaborative and inclusive office culture. You can read more about our values and how we work toward that end in our Code of Conduct.

To apply

Resumes are useful, but they don’t say much about a designer’s skills or passion. We would love to see a portfolio of web, mobile or desktop design work along with any wireframes or user flow sketches. It’s useful for us if you also send along an explanation of your background, what you like to work on, and what excites you about working at Playground.

Send an email to jobs@playgroundinc.com.

Our commitments

Playground Inc. is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

We are committed to ensuring a barrier-free, accessible and inclusive work environment. We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities. Upon individual request, we will endeavour to remove any barrier to the hiring process to accommodate candidates with disabilities. Please inform us should accommodation be required at any point during the recruitment and selection process.